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Life After Youth Group

By Eric Gallagher, 08/24/2018

This is a great simple video with a few tips for seniors in your youth group that may be graduating soon.  It gives some encouragement and good wisdom on being yourself in college and not beating yourself up if you do make mistakes.  The video was published by the Fuller Youth Institute.  You can check out more of their videos on their Vimeo Channel.

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Seniors

  • How do you plan to be involved and live out your faith in college?
  • What college do you plan on attending and what programs and groups are available for you to participate in?
  • Do you know other people that are going to the same school and are they also active in their faith?
  • What are you most worried about in regards to living your faith out in college?  What are some of your weaknesses that I can pray for you to overcome?

Do you have more questions you would add?  Do you have more resources available to youth workers on helping Seniors transition into college?  Post them in the comments section below.

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