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Frog in Boiling Water

By Eric Gallagher, 08/23/2018

We chose this video (there are many) because it not only explains the concept well, but also provides a little bit of shock value that we think the youth will appreciate!  A frog is afraid of boiling water when it is exposed at a great temp difference, but it is ok with it when it’s own temperature is gradually brought to that point as well.  What a great image and example for how we slowly become comfortable with sin.

Discussion Questions

What are some of the things that your peers may have thought was wrong a couple of years ago but now feel much more comfortable with it?

The evil one slowly draws us deep into our sin.  What are some ways that we can avoid becoming comfortable with sinful things?

The boiling water would eventually kill the frog.  How does your sin eventually ‘kill’ you?

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