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  1. If we find ourselves having issue in coming up with content, we will often just Poll the students for ideas via a survey.
  2. What a smash hit. We were all laughing so hard our face hurt. Wednesday night is a smaller, more reserved bunch. It got them all awake!. There was only one who managed to avoid the middle altogether. I congratulated him on his poker face. He said "I just channeled my inner irritations." LOL
  3. We actually purchased a bible version of "TABOO" Our teens LOVE it. You could easily do it yourself without buying the game though. All you need is a timer, a buzzer & some Bible/Catholic trivia questions. We have also discovered, this game is great at giving you insight to their personalities. You see who is competitive, who leads naturally as well as who is reserved.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree with the "temporary" program usage. We have been using this method a couple years now. For example, last year we did a 7 part series on the 7 deadly sins. I always do an exit poll at the end of the year (currently we only run with ccd, but hope to change that). That series was their favorite for various reasons. I think part of it is, the fact you are not on the same topic for what seems to their attention spans as forever. Not to mention, if a particular subject needs to be a deeper dive, then you have the freedom. Also you can often target key areas that can create future sessions!
  5. A game that we had great success with, was a dry version of marco polo, but it needs to be played at night. You can create an arena using tables turned on their side (this also helps with safety). Then you pick who starts as "it" turn off the lights & play like you were in the pool. When someone is tagged, they , as well as the one searching, say out loud "FREEZE". At this point you turn on the lights. No one is allowed to move again until the lights go back out. Its easy, free & the Teens loved it.
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