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  1. Alexis Burchfield

    A CRAZY Youth Ministry Proposal

    I agree that there are so many things we cannot do because of Diocesan policy, but also so many things we can be a part of because we are part of a Diocese. I wish we could do things such as 1-on-1 mentorship but because of the ones who have been inappropriate, we cannot "go out and make disciples" in that fashion.
  2. Love the monthly dodgeball idea! Sounds like great fellowship!
  3. Alexis Burchfield

    Introduce Yourself Here!

    hello! My name is Alexis Burchfield! I have been a youth minister for only 2 months at Our Lady of Fatima in Benton, AR and also am about to become the volunteer DRE at Holy Cross Church in Sheridan, AR. I have done ministry in some form for the past 4 years starting with my year as a missionary at NET Ministries. I got married in 2016 after I met my amazing husband on Catholic Match. I am a stepmom to a 8 year old and mom to a 8 month old puppy named Willow. Not to be biased, but I love doing the high school ministry best. I love Gilmore Girls, The Office, and Friends.