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  1. Reckless Love, Oceans, Holy Spirit are my top three. Forever a fan of How Great is Our God and How He Loves as well. What are some other songs that you've found to be effective?
  2. Does anyone here use "models" for leading praise and worship? I think it's important to leave room for the Spirit to do his thing, but I am a big fan of the Temple model. For those unfamiliar with the term, it short it is based off of the Temple in Jerusalem. The basic gist is you move from the "outer courts" to the "inner courts" to the "Holy of Holies", in praise music this means going from upbeat in the beginning, to mid tempo, to really soft and almost contemplative, leading into silence and contemplation. I've found it to be really successful in leading people into a prayerful awareness of the presence of God. I wanted to see if anyone had different models that they find effective and want to share about and get some discussion going!
  3. For most praise and worship songs, I use ultimate-guitar.com. I like that it allows me to transpose the song sheets and gives options for chord sheets and font. The downside is that the chords are often placed in the wrong spot, which throws some people off. Where are some of the places you get your music sheets, or other ways around this?
  4. A twist on the classic Mafia! Make sure you check that one out first so you have at least a small understanding of the rules. How the game works: Pick a few teens to be "mafia" members. This is done secretly, either having everyone close there eyes and hold out their hands, or by giving out cards and having the face cards be the mafia. Usually I do about 1 mafia for every 5 regulars. The game is played in rounds until all mafia members are eliminated or the mafia win. Each round goes as follows: All lights in the area are turned off (youth minister and adult core team can have flashlights and walk around) and the youth are free to walk around the area. It needs to be as dark as possible for it to work well. Mafia members can eliminate townspeople at any time by walking up and lightly touching someone's neck. THERE IS NO RUNNING ALLOWED. Townspeople can't run away from the mafia or purposely try to give away who the mafia is. Once eliminated, townspeople have to lie down and "play dead". When a townsperson finds a "dead" townsperson, they yell "PINEAPPLE" (because we don't want people to be screaming "Dead Body"). When PINEAPPLE is yelled, the round ends immediately and the lights are thrown on. After the round ends, the townspeople gather for a town meeting. Everyone who has been eliminated gathers nearby, but they cannot speak AT ALL. The townspeople (with the mafia still pretending to be townspeople, then get a chance to try and vote off people who they believe to be mafia members. This is a game of deception and stealth. Mafia members are trying not to be spotted when they eliminate people, and they can even be the ones to find a "dead body" and yell pineapple. Townspeople try to hide, not get killed, and reason out who they think the mafia are. Suggestions: This game works best in areas where you have multiple rooms (No closed doors for liability/protecting God's Children Reasons). Make sure there are core members around looking out for people. Also, if PINEAPPLE isn't called, it's best to set time limits. I've heard of people playing with a doctor and sheriff like the original mafia but I've never done it and am not quite sure how it work. Let me know if you have any questions!
  5. This is my groups all time favorite game. Instead of a village idiot, we have a Joker who is trying to get himself killed by the townspeople. He win's if they vote him off. This helps the mafia slightly, because if they are accused they can pretend that they are the joker. We also have a Renegade, who is trying to be the last man standing. They have one shot where they can get up at any point of the town discussion, yell BANG, and eliminate someone by pointing at them. If they make it to the final two, they take out the last player and win. I told my group that if anyone ever wins as the renegade they get a trophy.
  6. My group tried this one a couple weeks ago, and what would happen is we'd either come up with something that the psychiatrist guessed immediately or it would be too hard. Could we get a couple more examples? The ones here are better than what we had.
  7. This is a fun one. You'll need a couple cans of shaving cream and a couple small bags of Cheetos. Make sure you have a couple youth who don't mind getting messy! The rules are simple. First, split the youth into teams (can be groups, doubles, however you want to do it). Next, have one person from each team volunteer to be the "Cheeto face". This person will cover their face completely with shaving cream, but leave space over their eyes so they can still see. When you say go, the other members on the team will throw Cheetos at them while they move their head and try and catch them on the shaving cream. It's totally goofy, but a lot of fun. It will also require a bit of clean up if you do it inside, so keep that in mind while planning! Additional rules can be added as you go, such as only being allowed to throw one at a time, having to stand on one leg, having to take steps back, etc. Have fun!
  8. Are Tolkien and Lewis really "secular", though? ? Fiction: I love them both, and King as well. One of my favorite authors is a guy named Brandon Sanderson. Can't recommend his series "The Stormlight Archives" enough. The first book is called The Way of Kings and there is a deep theological influence similar to Tolkien that you can definitely pick up on. Les Mis is also a favorite. Theology: Spirit of the Liturgy and Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI. A Father Who Keeps His Promises by Scott Hahn. Bible Basics for Catholics by John Bergsma Philosophy: In Defense of Purity by Dietrich Von Hildebrand (philosophy behind JP II's TOB), Plato's Republic, Works of Love by Soren Kierkegaard Spiritual: True Devotion to Mary by Louis De Montfort
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