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  1. For me the trick is then having a follow up ready to go for temporary program. Particularly if it goes well, after it finishes, I'm not always ready with the next thing to KEEP them engaged and coming back. I will whole heartedly agree with all of these! Just stating my own weakness in this area!
  2. Hi friends! I'm Katie Stinson and I'm a first year DRE, third year Director of Youth Ministry at St. Pius X in the Diocese of Winona-Rochester. I feel like a young pup when it comes to working with young people, but I've been in parish ministry from 12 years. I am very blessed to work with a number of unbelievable youth ministers in my city on a lot of collaborative ministry stuff in our city so I hope to find some others here that have seen success reaching outside of parish boundaries to meet the young Church where ever it is they land on Sunday (or Saturday night!) I am also a former middle school and high school track and cross country coach and would love to chat with anyone about FCA or other sport-ministry related stuff. :)
  3. I've fallen into that trap as well - coming from a Catholic school, I was extremely frustrated when I felt like I couldn't cover content in a one-hour per week Confirmation class. Some of the kids didn't remember who Noah was. I was so frustrated! That's when prayer had to take over and the Holy Spirit provided. One of our students came early, she had just been interviewed on the news for organizing a walk-out after a school shooting had taken place. My other catechist and I let that lead our discussion that night and we were able to have the most authentic prayer as a group and we were able to talk about human dignity and justice... walking and modeling the faith is so incredibly important!
  4. There is a great book about this that is specific to the Mission Trip "retreat high" that was put out by Sticky Faith - or the Fuller Institute. It has some great resources about how to prepare young people for service and how to follow up afterward. It also spends some time in discussion about what a really good service trip should and should not do. Worthwhile read - still hard for me to put into practice!
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