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    Here you can find a library of downloadable resources contributed by members of our community.  All members are welcome to submit their resources to the marketplace and offer them for free or at a cost. 

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  • Discipleship Group Ideas - Ebook By Eric Gallagher

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    This printable list of ideas for discipleship groups is one of the most popular resources I've put together.  It currently includes 151 ideas for discipleship groups and is organized and indexed by the goals a small group leaders has for their group.  It's primarily organized by the four areas of formation (Spiritual, Human, Intellectual and Pastoral) and is a great companion to our other resources for small groups.   !!! Parish Copying License !!! The greatest benefit of this purchase
  • Are You Doing Discipleship Quiz By Eric Gallagher

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    I have developed a simple questionnaire that will help determine if you are cultivating an atmosphere for discipleship in your parish.  Obviously, a short questionnaire can not provide an exhaustive assessment of the discipleship efforts in your parish, but hopefully, it will serve as a good starting point. Also - It's free so if you don't like it...you get what you paid for!

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