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    I just finished reading "When the Well Runs Dry" by Fr. Thomas H. Green S.J. Also recently read JPII's Mulieris Dignitatem. As for secular - love Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Stephen King (I know, random).
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    Welcome back to blogging Scott! I missed your take on things. Hope all is well and that our paths cross again sometime soon. God Bless.
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    For me the trick is then having a follow up ready to go for temporary program. Particularly if it goes well, after it finishes, I'm not always ready with the next thing to KEEP them engaged and coming back. I will whole heartedly agree with all of these! Just stating my own weakness in this area!
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    I wholeheartedly agree with the "temporary" program usage. We have been using this method a couple years now. For example, last year we did a 7 part series on the 7 deadly sins. I always do an exit poll at the end of the year (currently we only run with ccd, but hope to change that). That series was their favorite for various reasons. I think part of it is, the fact you are not on the same topic for what seems to their attention spans as forever. Not to mention, if a particular subject needs to be a deeper dive, then you have the freedom. Also you can often target key areas that can create future sessions!
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    This puts the Shrek movies in a whole new light.
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    Played a version of this before and it was a lot of fun. Helped the teens loosen up.
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    This is a fun one. You'll need a couple cans of shaving cream and a couple small bags of Cheetos. Make sure you have a couple youth who don't mind getting messy! The rules are simple. First, split the youth into teams (can be groups, doubles, however you want to do it). Next, have one person from each team volunteer to be the "Cheeto face". This person will cover their face completely with shaving cream, but leave space over their eyes so they can still see. When you say go, the other members on the team will throw Cheetos at them while they move their head and try and catch them on the shaving cream. It's totally goofy, but a lot of fun. It will also require a bit of clean up if you do it inside, so keep that in mind while planning! Additional rules can be added as you go, such as only being allowed to throw one at a time, having to stand on one leg, having to take steps back, etc. Have fun!
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    A game that we had great success with, was a dry version of marco polo, but it needs to be played at night. You can create an arena using tables turned on their side (this also helps with safety). Then you pick who starts as "it" turn off the lights & play like you were in the pool. When someone is tagged, they , as well as the one searching, say out loud "FREEZE". At this point you turn on the lights. No one is allowed to move again until the lights go back out. Its easy, free & the Teens loved it.
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    Are Tolkien and Lewis really "secular", though? ? Fiction: I love them both, and King as well. One of my favorite authors is a guy named Brandon Sanderson. Can't recommend his series "The Stormlight Archives" enough. The first book is called The Way of Kings and there is a deep theological influence similar to Tolkien that you can definitely pick up on. Les Mis is also a favorite. Theology: Spirit of the Liturgy and Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI. A Father Who Keeps His Promises by Scott Hahn. Bible Basics for Catholics by John Bergsma Philosophy: In Defense of Purity by Dietrich Von Hildebrand (philosophy behind JP II's TOB), Plato's Republic, Works of Love by Soren Kierkegaard Spiritual: True Devotion to Mary by Louis De Montfort
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    I agree that there are so many things we cannot do because of Diocesan policy, but also so many things we can be a part of because we are part of a Diocese. I wish we could do things such as 1-on-1 mentorship but because of the ones who have been inappropriate, we cannot "go out and make disciples" in that fashion.
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    Love the monthly dodgeball idea! Sounds like great fellowship!
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    hello! My name is Alexis Burchfield! I have been a youth minister for only 2 months at Our Lady of Fatima in Benton, AR and also am about to become the volunteer DRE at Holy Cross Church in Sheridan, AR. I have done ministry in some form for the past 4 years starting with my year as a missionary at NET Ministries. I got married in 2016 after I met my amazing husband on Catholic Match. I am a stepmom to a 8 year old and mom to a 8 month old puppy named Willow. Not to be biased, but I love doing the high school ministry best. I love Gilmore Girls, The Office, and Friends.
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    What's up guys?!? My name is Jonah Soucy and I am the Director of Youth Ministry at St. Bonaventure Parish in Pittsburgh, PA. I got started in ministry back in high school, getting involved on a youth group core team and doing music ministry for my parish. After high school, I did a year with NET Ministries (where I met my beautiful wife!) and then went to Franciscan University. I graduated last year, got married, and started full time ministry work shortly after. I am currently going into my second year as a full time youth minister. I also have been traveling around doing some speaking, music ministry, and retreat leading in Pittsburgh and Brooklyn. I love reading, lacrosse, all things Marvel, and coming up with fun new ways to spread the Gospel!
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    Hi friends! I'm Katie Stinson and I'm a first year DRE, third year Director of Youth Ministry at St. Pius X in the Diocese of Winona-Rochester. I feel like a young pup when it comes to working with young people, but I've been in parish ministry from 12 years. I am very blessed to work with a number of unbelievable youth ministers in my city on a lot of collaborative ministry stuff in our city so I hope to find some others here that have seen success reaching outside of parish boundaries to meet the young Church where ever it is they land on Sunday (or Saturday night!) I am also a former middle school and high school track and cross country coach and would love to chat with anyone about FCA or other sport-ministry related stuff. :)
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    My favorite books are usually theological and spiritual reads, especially on evangelization and the Theology of the Body. I do have a soft spot for anything Mariological. But my favorite secular book is Markus Zusak's The Messenger. I'm currently reading Emerald Dodge's Sentinel.
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    Hey, y'all! My Name is Brandon Ocampo. I've been serving in ministry since I was 13, frequently contributing to some online evangelization efforts on social media. I currently serve Christ and His Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Newark (New Jersey) in various capacities. I'm the Director of Youth Minister and Young Adult Evangelization at Saint Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral in Newark. I'm also the Catholic Campus Minister at the Newman Catholic Center in Newark, which serves Rutgers University (Newark), NJIT, and Essex County College. I also give talks on our faith to different audiences, from middle-school students to parents. When I'm not helping out at an event, you can often find me surrounded by books or watching The Office and Parks & Recreation for the 100th time. I'm currently wrapping up my first viewing of BBC's Father Brown! For you tweeting peeps, I'm @CaptainVatican on Twitter.
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