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About This Group

This is a group for youth ministers who also lead praise and worship. I thought it would be cool to have a place to share things we've learned, songs that we've found effective in leading worship for teenagers, incorporating contemporary praise in the Liturgy and at youth nights, etc.

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  2. Reckless Love, Oceans, Holy Spirit are my top three. Forever a fan of How Great is Our God and How He Loves as well. What are some other songs that you've found to be effective?
  3. Does anyone here use "models" for leading praise and worship? I think it's important to leave room for the Spirit to do his thing, but I am a big fan of the Temple model. For those unfamiliar with the term, it short it is based off of the Temple in Jerusalem. The basic gist is you move from the "outer courts" to the "inner courts" to the "Holy of Holies", in praise music this means going from upbeat in the beginning, to mid tempo, to really soft and almost contemplative, leading into silence and contemplation. I've found it to be really successful in leading people into a prayerful awareness of the presence of God. I wanted to see if anyone had different models that they find effective and want to share about and get some discussion going!
  4. For most praise and worship songs, I use ultimate-guitar.com. I like that it allows me to transpose the song sheets and gives options for chord sheets and font. The downside is that the chords are often placed in the wrong spot, which throws some people off. Where are some of the places you get your music sheets, or other ways around this?
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