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This is So Much Fun

This is a hilarious youth ministry game that someone showed me this last summer at camp.  You need NO supplies and can do it with two people or 100 people.  I found a pretty humorous video on YouTube of two guys who explain the game well.  This is a different variation from what I saw, but the concept is the same.  Two people have to look at each and do little slightly embarrassing actions with each other.  The person who smiles first, loses the game.  Typically the actions will build off of each so you are doing several things at one time.  In the video below they choose to just do a single action at a time.

Actions could include:

  • putting your hand on the other’s shoulder
  • putting both hands on the other’s shoulders
  • hopping on one foot
  • spinning in a circle
  • tapping each other’s nose
  • bopping your head


If you want to skip right to the part where they are playing the game, go to the 3:54 mark.

Have your own actions you think would be fun?  Please comment below!


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