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Bigger or Better

This is a community youth ministry game where the youth will be going door to door.  It is best to send the kids in groups and have an adult with each group.  It is very simple.

Start everyone at the parish with a small item like a rubberband or paper clip.  Give them one hour to run around door-to-door saying that they are playing a game with their youth group and they are wondering if they can trade their item for something bigger or better.

When they make a trade, they move on to another house and do it again until their time is up.

Keep in mind that the item can be bigger OR better.

We have had youth come back with tractor tires, snow blowers, large screen t.v.’s, and a toilet in the past.  This game is truly a gem!


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@Jonah Soucy - When we did it, we gave them about 90 minutes.  Our meetings were typically two hours so there was enough time to do it and then have some sharing of stories and such after.

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