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Tape Head Game

This game is one of the more funnier games to watch.  It is very simple but is wide open for variations.

Supplies Needed

  • Hats (usually simple winter caps are fine)
  • Tape
  • Something Else

How the game works

Have as many people that you want playing to put on one of the hats.  Then you will cover the hat with tape, sticky side facing out.  On the floor, you will have a lot of small objects (we have used coins or q-tips before).  When the leader says GO, everyone with a taped hat on will move around on the floor trying to get as many objects as they can stuck on their hat.  They can only use their head to do so (no hands).

A couple of extras or variations

  • We have had a great time putting the hat over their eyes so they could only move around by the help of their teammates voices.
  • You could place different objects that are worth different values
  • You could place several different objects around the room and call out what they should go for.  After a set amount of time, call out the next item.


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