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Catholic Youth Ministry Weekly Roundup - January 21, 2019

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D. Scott Miller


May the Peace of Christ be with you and all those who strive for unity and equality as we strive towards the Reign of God.

Here we go with another set of weekly news items to assist your ministry with pertinent information and formation. 

  • As we commemorate the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr., we might take note of Father Bryan Massingale insistence that “At its deepest level, racism is a soul-sickness.” In his US Catholic article To dismantle racism, we must heal the human spirit.  And, that might be found in a revolution of values

I am convinced that as necessary as changed social practices such as better police training and body cameras may be, and as important as a vigorous enforcement of civil rights laws is—these will be limited and even ineffective without a deeper conversion, without a healing of the soul, without what Martin Luther King Jr. called a profound “revolution of values.” That is, we must attend to the deeper recesses of the human spirit that are the realms of religious faith and spirituality.

  • Were you aware that the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry was engaging in a prayer of consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?  Though that you might maybe not…  Check out the daily updates on their facebook page and a full explanation here.
  • Noted Christian Leadership guru John Maxwell suggests that if You Want to Grow, Cultivate a Teachable Spirit, He offers five practices that he has adopted in his own life and anticipates that a teachable spirit will become for you a reliable way to make transitions that last.
  • Lifeteen has some worthwhile suggestions for your young people regarding how to practically live out God’s mission for you in the right here and now.  Please pass along  Start Living Your Personal Mission Now.
  • This week’s LINK TO SHARE WITH PARENTS is one that I used already as an insert into my own parish youth ministry’s e-bulletin (via Flocknote.) It is important that we as parents continue to show our kids that Forgiveness Matters.
  • Finally, here is a story that is making us happy this week.  Last weekend, it snowed - -which means we celebrated that grace-filled event known as a “snow day.”   For those of you who might not experience such a blessing, here is your ninety-second moment of snowy zen (which features a massive snow-ball fight outside the Washington Monument.)

God bless you for all that you are doing to serve the Lord and ministering to our next generations.

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