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My Top 8 Youth Ministry Purchases from Amazon

Eric Gallagher


I’ve been an Amazon customer since 2002 when pretty much the only thing that people used it for was to avoid going to the University bookstore and paying full price for college textbooks.  Now Amazon seems to be the first place I look whenever I have need for anything!

To start off this new Catholic Youth Ministry Blog I’ve decided that for my first post I would go through the last 16 years of my Amazon orders and share with you the top 8 things I’ve purchased for youth ministry.  Also, please note that if I were to give a true top 8, it would likely include 5-6 books. I’ve decided that I’ll stick to games, resources, supplies, etc. and I’ll devote another post to my favorite books.  So here we go:

Please note: these are affiliate links that allow us to receive a portion of any sales made when you purchase these items by clicking through on our site.  This "kickback" goes to support the work of the Catholic Youth Ministry Hub.

Games Supplies

41EZ7jfE6eL.jpg.e39ba174724c5386962426bf407453ad.jpgPoof Soccer Balls

We tried out three or four types of balls to use for dodge ball in our gym.  These were by far the best ones we could find. They are soft enough, they last a long time, and more importantly it feels great when you zing that youth with one of them!

See it here.

926074725_71g2dWpHtL._SL1143_.thumb.jpg.353afd5b9107aeb2b6d6dc043a63d509.jpgSpike Ball

An excellent game to have sitting around in a youth room, at camp, etc.  It’s a very common game that most know how to play and it can serve as an excellent ice breaker.  It’s also extremely affordable and is great quality!

See it here.

814Y6mlybJL._SL1500_.thumb.jpg.3df1b8c91a67b82e0d1bf85496563cbb.jpgKan Jam

This was another well known game that I discovered later on than most.  Similar to Spike Ball (above) this is affordable, it’ll last forever, and most people can just pick it up and play it.  

See it here.

Board/Party Games

81NVh-Xo3fL._SL1500_.thumb.jpg.e63686824196a7e5186518be4c30753d.jpgPharisees - The Party Game

This is the "Christian" version of the popular youth ministry game "Mafia".   I often tell people it's the perfected version of the game.

See it here.

51sNNr1v8iL.jpg.8bee9e81bbb6e473afce84158a2ca5f0.jpgCurses Game

This is an older game but it’s one of those go-to games that is great for small groups.  In larger groups it’s entertaining enough that observers have no problem just watching!

See it here.

91mSHaL6oEL._SL1500_.thumb.jpg.2654aa6dee0879a7d55e016b7910d89a.jpgExploding Kittens Game

I have officially ordered 25 of these from Amazon.  It is an awesome game that can be played in 3-5 minutes and rarely gets old.  It’s another one of those games that observers enjoy watching. It can be expanded to take more players as well.

See it here.


61G67XHSTGL._SL1500_.thumb.jpg.612d32b07c756a2ee1a02fee4d618d67.jpgSleeping Cot

I got tired of air mattresses and these have been an excellent replacement for when we need additional beds at camp or on retreat.  They are durable, long lasting, and fairly inexpensive. They aren’t the most comfortable to sleep on but those who have them are usually grateful to have anything!

See it here.

41ww3L0DXOL._SL1000_.thumb.jpg.88811d4fd9a171cdc67b56a12f511fab.jpgPope Francis Bobble Head

Definitely the coolest affordable prize that I have bought so far!

See it here.



I hope you've enjoyed this list!  If you have other items you'd like to mention, please comment below!


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