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Cheeto Face

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Jonah Soucy


This is a fun one. You'll need a couple cans of shaving cream and a couple small bags of Cheetos. Make sure you have a couple youth who don't mind getting messy!  The rules are simple. First, split the youth into teams (can be groups, doubles, however you want to do it). Next, have one person from each team volunteer to be the "Cheeto face". This person will cover their face completely with shaving cream, but leave space over their eyes so they can still see. When you say go, the other members on the team will throw Cheetos at them while they move their head and try and catch them on the shaving cream. It's totally goofy, but a lot of fun. It will also require a bit of clean up if you do it inside, so keep that in mind while planning! 

Additional rules can be added as you go, such as only being allowed to throw one at a time, having to stand on one leg, having to take steps back, etc. Have fun!

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