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About this blog

A blog devoted to assisting youth ministry leaders in the many tasks and work that are often included in the role of "youth minister" in a parish as well share insights and wisdom into how I have been able to support a wife and four children while working in full-time ministry.  

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My New Blog "Other Duties As Assigned"

I've literally been asked dozens of times how I'm able to work in ministry and support my growing family while my wife is also able to stay at home to take care of the house and little ones that are not yet in school.  The quick answer is always...we make it work.  With the launch of the new Catholic Youth Ministry Hub and the freedom to blog "as I wish" I'm planning to use this space to share ways that my wife and I have been able to make things work.   The title "Other Duties as Assigned" gives insights into how we've really been able to make things work.   With my first youth ministry job, I was responsible for the parish website.  Using what I learned in that process, I actually started my own web management business.  At one time I had about a dozen clients (parishes and local businesses) that paid me a monthly fee to maintain their website for them.   Now that I spend most of my time in my work at the Diocesan level, I get the privilege of consulting and working hand in hand with parishes.  I've always desired to share with I have learned.  This led me to starting the Catholic Youth Ministry Hub (long ago) as well as several other websites focused on youth ministry, discipleship, etc.   To say it bluntly, while I'm incredibly grateful for the salary and benefits I receive in my Diocesan work and I believe they are paying me what is right and just, it would be extremely difficult for my wife and I to live on that income alone.  We have four children, three of which are attending our parish catholic school, and we made a commitment early in our marriage to get out of debt and to never return.  About two years ago, with the supplemental income we were bringing in through little side projects, saving through rewards programs, etc, we are now debt free and working on our next financial goals (primarily a 10 year anniversary vacation and small (overdue) home improvement projects).   Anyway, I'm hopeful that this new blog will give me a space to share with you many things that I have learned and  have allowed me to stay in ministry and continue doing what I love! Be sure to click the follow button above to receive emails and updates when I post to the blog!

Eric Gallagher

Eric Gallagher

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