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A blog dedicated to bringing you the latest news and updates in Catholic Youth Ministry around the world. 


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Catholic Youth Ministry Weekly Roundup - January 14, 2019

May the Peace of Christ be with you as we return to Ordinary Time. Here we go with another set of weekly news items to assist your ministry with pertinent information and formation. Here we go! From the business side of the world, Fast Company has recently explored Six Common Beliefs about Productivity that are Total Lies.  I am confident that if it was written from the youth ministry perspective, it might include  that extensive time on social networking or gaming sites does not really count as “accompaniment” of young disciples  For those of us who think fondly back to the earlier Spiderman movies, the line “With great power comes great Responsibility” was often a teaching point. (See Video ) Recently, another business author, Seth Godin, offered a new take on the Spiderman Paradox.  First and foremost, consider what this message means FOR YOU.  And, then, I invite you to respond to the same challenge that I have set for myself – transforming this message into some final words for our Confirmation candidates who, about to receive great power, must rise to great responsibility  Whew!  Back to youth ministry, amIright? Youth Specialties is offering a prognostication regarding Five Youth Ministry trends for 2019.  I was especially challenged by the last two- “Teaching them how to Care” and “From Bounded to Centered. The SEEK2019 conference, sponsored by Focus, concluded recently in Indianapolis. On YouTube, you can find an extensive treasure trove of videos for your own spiritual journey and/or your programming. This week’s LINK TO SHARE WITH PARENTS comes from Jenna Scott who writes at Parent Cue about Guiltless Lessons of Love.   Finally, here is a story that is making us happy this week.  Barry Corey, President of Biola University, an evangelical Christian college in California, had a “selfie” moment with Justin Bieber who was hanging out at the valet stand singing Marvin Gaye’s classic “Sexual Healing.”  Here’s the Christianity Today coverage of this moment of encounter God bless you for all that you are doing to serve the Lord and ministering to our next generations.

D. Scott Miller

D. Scott Miller

Catholic Youth Ministry Weekly Roundup - January 7, 2019

May the Peace of Christ be with you throughout this New Year. We hope to offer weekly news items to assist your ministry with pertinent information and formation Here we go! Recently, long-time youth minister Walt Mueller reflected on his many decades in ministry. He has come to clarity, as we all should, about what youth ministry is not about and what it should be about. Seventeen years after the Boston Globe first placed a Spotlight on the clergy abuse crisis, last week the US Bishops participated in a retreat requested by Pope Francis to reflect on where we find the American church in this time of continue turmoil over abuses.  Pope Francis wrote a letter to them during their time of prayer.  Please note the following quote meant not only for our brother bishops, but for all of us in service of the Lord. For the first time, it’s as likely as not that American children will be less prosperous than their parents. For parents, giving children the best start in life has come to mean doing everything they can to ensure that their children can climb to a higher class, or at least not fall out of the one they were born into. “As the gap between rich and poor increases, the cost of screwing up increases,” said Philip Cohen, a sociologist at the University of Maryland who studies families and inequality.  “The fear is they’ll end up on the other side of the divide.”  The New York Times recently offered insight into The Restlessness of Modern Parenting. Something we might all strive to be better at – for bishops, for abuse victims, for parents, or even that smelly, pimply seventh grade boy on the fringes of our weekly program – might be to practice listening. Oh, yeah, and listen to the Lord as well! Here’s a story that is making us happy this week: The lingering scent of incense is confused as someone suggested that a priest was wearing cologne.  Read more here. God bless you for all that you are doing to serve the Lord and ministering to our next generations.
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