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  • About YM Bucks

    Eric Gallagher

    What are YM Bucks?

    YM Bucks are a virtual currency that you can only spend here on our site.  They can be cashed in for memberships and other perks throughout the site.    YM Bucks are typically equivalent to $.01 for digital products and $.005 for physical products.  YM Bucks do not have any cash value.  

    How are YM Bucks earned?

    YM Bucks can be earned simply by participating and contributing to the various areas of the Catholic Youth Ministry Hub community.  Below are several examples that members can earn these YM Bucks.  Note: when a range is given, the number of YM Bucks is determined by the length, quality, and amount of editing necessary from our staff. 

    Forum Participation

    • Starting a discussion thread or responding to someone else's thread = 2 bucks.
    • When someone replies to a thread that you started = 1 bucks.

    Calendar Events

    • Submitting an approved event to the community calendar = 25 bucks
    • Reviewing an event = 5 bucks
    • Commenting on an event = 2 bucks


    • Submitting a file (free or paid) to the Marketplace = 300 bucks
    • Each time someone downloads your submitted file = 2 bucks
    • Reviewing a download in the Marketplace = 25 bucks
    • Commenting on a file in the Marketplace = 2 bucks

    Resource Contributions

    • Submitting a blog post to the community = 250 - 1500 bucks
    • Submitting a resource (game, fundraiser, etc.) = 100 - 500 bucks
    • Submitting a video to the video library = 50 - 250 bucks


    • Every new account receives 100 YM Bucks just for signing up!
    • Members receive a 5 YM Buck bonus each day automatically when they log in and have some activity.

    NOTE: Marketplace and resource contributions require a manual review.  Ranges are dependent on quality, originality, and sometimes length.  


    Edited by Eric Gallagher

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