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Catholic Youth Ministry Hub
  • Overview of Community Features

    Eric Gallagher

    One of our goals for the Catholic Youth Ministry Hub is that our site would be a place of "pretty much everything youth ministry".  Below you'll find a brief overview of the many features of our community platform.  We are always adding to it so be sure to visit often!

    Your Personal Profile

    Probably one of the most important things for getting the most out of the community is to ensure your profile is up-to-date.  Many of the features are customized depending on the types of interests you mark in your profile.  Doing so will provide you access to different forums and resources customized specifically to your interests including additional resources, bonuses, and more!

    YM Bucks

    As you participate in the community, you'll find yourself earning YM Bucks.  YM Bucks are virtual currency that can be used in our store towards memberships, products, and other cool (and sometimes "just for fun") features.  Note: YM Bucks can not currently be used in the Community Marketplace. 

    Discussion Forums

    The heart of our platform is the forums.  Feel free to look around, ask questions, respond to others, etc.  As our platform continues to grow, we hope to truly make these forums a home and library for all things youth ministry related.

    Community Driven Resource Library

    We've opened up our library so that any member to contribute fun game ideas, fundraisers, good YouTube videos, and more.  To maintain higher standards, we do have posting guidelines and will moderate and edit as we feel necessary.  Feel free to rate and comment on resources as it allows the more popular resources to be shown more often saving our community time as they search through.

    Community Marketplace

    Our Community Marketplace allows every member to share their files and original resources with the entire community.  If desired, members can even charge a fee for their resources.  So, if you've spent a lot of time developing something for your own ministry, please do share!  


    Currently we offer to types of memberships to enhance the community experience.  Our Patron membership is the standard that opens up a few more features, offers free and discounted access to our paid resources, grants access to Patron Only forums, and more!  

    Our Partner membership is geared towards others who work in ministry and are looking for additional benefits, advertising options, and more. 


    Our clubs allow for smaller (public or private) groups to exist within our community.  You can have your own discussion forums, private blogs, calendars, and more.

    Becoming a Contributor

    Finally, our community is intended to be a place for those who work in youth ministry to share.  Whether it be a simple game idea or a really fancy developed resource, training program, etc.  If you have something you would like to share in the community or simple desire to help it succeed.  Please just let us know!

    Now that you've gotten a simple overview, be sure to check out our final "Getting Started" article focusing on the Top 10 Things To Engage in the Community!

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